Why choose DTV shredder from us

If you love to be thrilled then you have a reason to get excited. DTV shredder presents you the chance of bringing out the sporting in you. The Dual Tracked Vehicle is an off road vehicle that is made to serve as a motor cross bike, tank and skateboard.

The combination of action and power is what characterize the shredder. It is more fun to spend your time with the shredder than do other sports. There is no exception to the terrain where it is able to go through. It can climb mountain, go through mud, water, sand, and any other.

The fact that it is well designed for speed is evident since it has 2 moulded rubber tanks and 196 cc. The 4-stroke engine is able to generate 13 HP enough to get the vehicle at speed of 30 MPH. It has a tank that can last it for 48km at high power.

DTV shredder for sale are available at prices ranging from US $ 5,000-5,500. This is exclusive of shipping fee. You should not be left out in buying a shredder. I can assure you that it is going to be so much fun.

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