Will you be offering a warranty?
Yes, we offer a 1 year limited parts warranty for the engine and powertrain.

What colors are available?
Black & Camouflage (Forest & Desert themes)

Is it CE certified?
The Shredder is CE Certified.

Can I upgrade my Shredder?
Like any other extreme sport or power sport, riders will want to personalize their vehicle. Similar to motorbikes or ATVs, Shredder parts can be upgraded at your discretion. We have already upgraded the Shredder significantly from our initial design and have more upgrades planned for the future. Our vision is to build the best product we can and we are constantly pushing the boundaries.

Does it handle snow well?
The Shredder handles best in powder snow! The tracks were originally designed for snow vehicles so it handles deep powder extremely well. It feels like a wakeboard skating across the surface of the water. The Shredder is very responsive and literally “floats” across the snow.

Can I go underwater or through water crossings?
The Shredder was not designed for travelling through water. The Air intake is located at the base of the handle allowing the Shredder to operate in depths of a few inches.

Is it street legal?
The Shredder is not a road vehicle. We designed it to be an off-road vehicle only.

How much can I tow?
The Shredder is capable of carrying 300 lbs of equipment. We will be coming out with a “work-horse Shredder” in the near future for more utilitarian applications.

How long do the tracks last?
We recommend replacing the tracks every 12 months.

How long can I ride on a full gas tank?
The Shredder has a 1 gallon tank built into the handle. This will last for 1 hour of aggressive riding.

What if I fall? Is there an auto shut off?
Yes, it comes with an operator presence control (OPC) cable that attaches to securely to your clothing or protective riding gear. If a user should fall off, the cable detaches to automatically stop the engine.

How do you steer it?
The Shredder uses a patented Dual-CVT transmission system that we developed for the Shredder. The Dual-CVT uses the riders body movements to control the individual track speeds. You essentially carve similarly to riding a skateboard or snowboard. As you lean into a turn, the inner track slows down while the outer track speeds up proportionately allowing for smooth arcing turns.

My Shredder was damaged during shipping. What do I do?
Please contact the dealer/distributor you purchased from for warranty and replacements. If you have purchased directly through us, please contact us.