Features of a DTV Shredder

Racing is a great activity that offers a wide range of benefits.It is a game that was started decades back, and the field has been used by many to demonstrate prowess as well as winning prizes.It is surprising to learn how fast the world of racing is evolving due to the current technological advancement in the current world.One of the products that have brought a significant change on this platform is the DTV Shredder.It is a unique type of a vehicle available in DTV Shredder shop, and it mainly combines quality characteristics of ancient board sports with the power of ATVing as well as Motocross.

Features of a DTV Shredder

DTV Shredder is a powerful vehicle that has a unique design

It has an 18hp engine

The vehicle can travel up slopes of up to 40 degrees

It has a maximum speed of 30 mph.

This vehicle weighs about 160lbs, and it has a width of 116cm, height of 45cm and a depth of 53cm.

Advantages of using a DTV Shredder

This vehicle has a strong transmission system that converts the riders body movements into carve smooth turns thus enhancing the freedom of the racer.

DTV Shredder is rideable on any terrain and can withstand any weather.

It is also an affordable automobile.

It is available in various models such as the prototype and trail edition.

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