DTV shredder for sale

The Dual Tracked Vehicle also known as the DTV shredder is the new invention to look out for. It is an off road vehicle that has a combination of a tank, motor cross bike and skateboard. It comes with different colors that range from black, orange, and grey.


When it comes to terrains, you can be sure to get through muddy areas, sand, mountains and hills, rocky, and water at a high speed. This is made possible by the action and high power enacted. The sealed carburetor allows it to get to depths of 10 inches on water.
DTV shredder for sale
The shredder has amazing speed and is able to remain stable. DTV shredder for sale. Speed is well facilitated by the two moulded rubber tanks and 196cc capacity. It can achieve speeds of up to 30 MPH thanks to the 4-stroke engine which generates 13 HP. A load of 136 kg can be taken aboard. The tank is able to hold fuel that can take it for 48km irrespective of terrain or power.

Now you know what fun awaits you. Since they are available in the market, I can highly recommend you to buy one. One thing I know is that you will be amazed.

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