CTV Transmission System

The Dtv shredder is a modern vehicle that operates off the road.The shredder has a combination of features which includes the energy of a motocross. It has a CTV transmission system that is able to convert the drivers body movements to smooth turns that allows them to have freedom especially when on a mountain.

All Weather Roads

Our main objective is to produce a shredder that is easy to ride and that can be used on all weather roads.The shredder is a new tool that will allow most people to enjoy outdoors regardless of their level in life. Shredding is the next great outdoor activity after athletics and has attracted most people in the recent years.

Best Sports Equipment

The dtv shredder just like the cars it has a horse-power and velocity that you would expect from any machine.The shredder riding skill is easy to master for a person with passion and zeal for the sport .This is no doubt a sport equipment you can not afford to miss in your home.

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Are you in search of a crossover vehicle that can act as a motocross bike, skateboard and tank? If yes, DTV or Dual Tracked Vehicle Shredder is an apt choice for you. It is an ideal option for all power sports so that you can make your outdoor a personal playground. Compact size is a key feature of this crossover vehicle. You can easily fit this product in your car trunk.

It has a powerful engine that makes it capable of passing through snow, rocks, mud, mountainsides and sand at very high speeds. There is also a patented dual-CVT transmission system that converts the body movements into smooth curving turns. This keeps one from having to shift gears during snow-skating or ridding down mountains. Some models like past prototypes have a top speed of 60 mph. Most of them weigh 200 lbs. It is compact enough and can be easily folded thus fitting in the trunk of a medium size car. It is durable and can be ridden for long without much wear and tear. It works properly on all types of terrain like the deep snow. The DTV shredder’s two continuous shaped rubber treads together with its 4-stroke, 196 cc engine that generates 13 horsepower is responsible for the all terrain capability of the vehicle. The engine propels the vehicle to a speed of up to 30 miles per hour or 48 kilometers per hour.

This new model comes with a handle mounted brake lever and a twist grip throttle which is a refreshing deviation from the hand held cable control found on earlier models. The vehicle is steered by applying pressure on the pivoting platform like on a skateboard. This action independently changes the speed of each track. The vehicle features a pivoting handle which gives the operator more balance and stability. The vehicle’s 3.8 liter (One gallon) tank should support the vehicle for 48 kilometers or one hour of riding over any terrain. The vehicle has a waterproof carburetor that enables it to cross water that is up to 10 inches deep. This model can carry loads of up to 136 kilograms or 300 pounds.